Be Patient, Be Hopeful, Your Baby will Come!

Happy Friday Guys!!


Well, I’m getting ready to go see my Infertility Doctor (IF), and thought I would write a quick post about how our struggle with this “monster” is going.

I’ve been going for the past year and a half, and I really like the medical staff and my doctors. We’ve been so lucky to be working with one of the BEST Infertility Doctors in the Austin Area. We have been hopeful and excited going into every visit, but this week, I’m not feeling as hopeful. Some might says to be patient, and stay positive. But, for those who can relate with Infertility or who are (TTC) Trying to Conceive and it’s just not working…being positive and patient go out the window. I’m not trying to sound like a downer, I can just relate to those who are in the same boat.

I do have hope, (at times)…one of my good friends just got pregnant. They too had been trying and now they are expecting a baby!! Yeah, there is hope out there, you just HAVE TO BE PATIENT!! (There is that word again.) ;)

Maybe I’m having an off day. Last week was very hard for me, due to my body shutting down. What I needed was rest, and this week, well since Saturday I have been feeling so much better. Such positive feelings every morning, and telling Tim how hopeful I’m feeling that we will get pregnant this time around. (Hoping I didn’t kick myself in the booty, for saying that.)

Here is the latest:

Last week I went to see my Endocrinologist to get some answers on how my pituitary gland was doing, and took my Mom for a second pair of ears. So glad I did, because I was given more information then I expected. All was Good, according to Mom. (Gotta love Mom, she’s always so positive.) As for me, I left with more mixed feelings then I went in with.

My Prolactin Levels were extremly High! “Pregnant woman have high levels of prolactin.” Which means, my brain thinks I’m pregnant, sort of speak. The Pituitary Gland produces levels of prolactin, and since my pituitary gland is high, so would my prolactin levels.

My Vitamin D levels are really low and I was put on medication for it. Along with medication to lower my prolactin levels. Also, my Insulin and Hemoglobin levels were out of range, and if I’m not careful I could be viewed as diabetic. Can you believe that?? I mean, I got way more news then I expected, so I was completely overwhelmed and stressed out.

I saw my Infertility Specialist today, to see how I was responding to the Clomid for this cycle and I have “ONE” follicle ready to work with. “Just One”! I feel like my balloon of “HOPE” has a small hole and is slowly deflating. Dr. V was more excited then I was (I try hard to not get my hopes up), he has so much faith and says, “it only takes one”.

For those who don’t know…(here is my version) a follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) is a hormone that produces the eggs during ovulation. FSH is produced by the pituitary gland. It helps control the menstrual cycle and the production of eggs by the ovaries. The Ovidrel injection helps wake the egg and gets it ready for ovulation.

I have to take the Ovidrel injection this evening to help “Pep” up my one little egg and then keep our fingers crossed that the IUI we are doing Sunday will work.

Let me say, I have a TON of eggs, more then they expected, and Tim has “Super” sperm so why are they not connecting? That’s the million dollar question.

So yes, friends, I will be away this weekend, as my Husband & I have some work to do!! (Baby Making Time, Keep Out!!) ;)

Keeping fingers crossed and receiving lots of prayers!!

Just in case you didn’t notice, I was bolding the words positive and hopeful to remind us, we need to keep those words both close to us while we go through this. I hope they work for you.

If you have another word that keeps you motivated please share below. 

Have a great weekend.

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