Our Fall Camping Trip- Day2



Here is Part 2 of our Fall Camping Trip:

Tim & I were in charge of breakfast Saturday morning, (which I didn’t take pictures of ) and during breakfast we saw that some deer were also eating theirs too.


That was until we spooked them, there was about 5-7 deer in our backyard, that was really cool.


Tony (my brother-in-law) was feeling much better today. We knew more rain was coming so Tim, Tony & I all went for a walk down to the lake. I tracked the walk on my app so I could count that as a workout, (not like I do a workout everyday any day), but we wanted to see the distance. It was so weird down by the lake, no boats were on the water, the levels were extremely low and not a single person in site. Creepy.



So the boys skipped rocks, while I was looking mostly at the dead fish that dried up from the low water levels. Tony even got in the water, which gave him the bug to go back later that afternoon to swim.


Then after lunch the kids wanted to play outside, and Thomas and Camryn played each other a game of Horseshoes, while Tim and Ryan played a game of Tetherball.


I don’t think that is a fair match, given how Tim is like 3 times taller then Ryan. Ryan had to practically jump up to reach the ball sometimes. I declare a rematch.


Then you have Tony relaxing on the hammock, playing a game of Candy Crush.


Here is what our cabin looks like from the back yard, very big patio area, with room to eat during better weather.


It was getting chilly so my Aunt wrapped herself in a blanket, while Jason was messing around with his girlfriend.


Here is the view from the patio. See how big the yard is, and there, where Alyna is walking around is the fire ring, and all the games in the yard.


This little girl was starting to get fussy, (as you can tell by this picture) or it was because her Aunt Missy was putting the camera all up in her face. Yep, I think that’s it. So her and I went to lay down while the rain started to pick up.



Gabriella likes to watch the movie Rio, so we popped that into my computer for a bigger screen and it didn’t take long until she was out. Look at that cute face.

After the rain let up and I got up with Gabriella, I went outside to take more pictures of the family. It was Mom’s turn to play some ‘ol school tetherball with Alyna. Mom said, it had been so long since she played that she wanted to see if it would all come back to her. And it did.




They played several games, they needed a break, which allowed time for Ryan and Onie to have a rematch.


Before dinner we were sitting in the den and Tim texted me that some deer where outside where he was. So I made the mistake of telling the kids who all came to the back door and as we slowly opened the door here comes Ryan saying “WHERE” all loud, it scared the deer away. So I was only able to get one picture. Again we managed to scare the deer. I guess we need more practice at being quick, like with Ninja skills. :)

DSCN0569For dinner we had some really good brisket, baked potatoes, and some lemon pepper seasoned corn. Yumm. You can’t get these kinds of meals with outdoor camping.

After dinner, the kids kept bugging about wanting to play Mexican BINGO!


Well, the ATM game was on and Tim and I were into that, so the kids along with Debbie and my Aunt Linda started to play. If you have never played Mexican BINGO, I suggest you do at least once. That’s all it takes to get hooked. The game is played in Spanish, but for those like me and the kids who don’t speak much Spanish we say them in English. It’s not so much saying it in spanish as it is describing what a lady in a boat is. Or the Hand, which is El Mano. I think you get it.


Debbie was dealing and Camryn (her daughter) kept winning so they suggested she change things up.


We made her put on her crown and boa to help, all she needed was a little troll doll to rub it’s hair for good luck. That’s where Jason comes in.


He was acting like a Pit Boss, shuffling the cards in the kitchen where no one could see, and then bringing them back in, kinda like in Vegas. Oh and under that hat are some out of control curls and all Debbie needed to do was rub them for good luck. ;)


After cards were switched and switched and the kids picked up rocks from out side, since we forgot the Pinto Beans we usually play with, we were ready to play.

In the end Camryn was the over all winner. She won $7.50 in change!! Not bad for a fun few games of this old classic tradition we do every time we are together.

Overall it was a very good weekend.

Hope you’ve enjoyed our pictures of untraditional camping. :)

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